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As we age and journey through different stages of life, our worries and stressors change, and this can alter our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Too often we worry about our physical health and forget about how important our mental health is. As our bodies and/or minds start to slow, feelings of frustration, helplessness, depression, or anxiety can arise.

There are many factors that can lead to these feelings, including:  

  • Loss of independence or feeling less in control
  • Dealing with health issues
  • Loss in confidence or social withdrawal
  • Grief and loss
  • Feelings of isolation and loneliness from spending more time on your own
  • Moving away from family or support
  • A change in living arrangements or being a new resident
  • Having to give up driving or other activities you enjoy
  • Family or relationship problem


What is the process?

Speak with your Home Care Coordinator about including counselling in your package. They can check your available budget and review allocation of funds with you. If there are not available funds in your package, you can pay for your counselling services privately. Your coordinator will help you get in touch with our friendly, experienced counsellors to set up an initial appointment.

The first session may include a formal or informal assessment to get to know you and your needs. We will employ the integrated therapy model for you depending on your individual needs. Some people may only need one session, some prefer a few, while others require ongoing support. Sessions are normally once or twice a fortnight and go for an hour. 

What qualifications do our counsellors have?

Our counsellors have Post Graduate qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy and are registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).  

Service in your home

Our counsellors provide home/residential or in community visits to suit your needs. For additional information, please contact the Accept Care office on 08 8251 5186 or email kesh@accept.care.

A fresh perspective

Counselling can be beneficial for older people and can assist in developing constructive responses to life’s challenges and improving quality of life. We can help you discuss personal matters, that you may not feel comfortable discussing with family and friends, in a confidential and nonjudgmental manner.

Sometimes just speaking to someone who will genuinely listen can be helpful. Our counsellors can also come to you to provide your session in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Counselling enables you to see things more clearly and from a fresh perspective. The purpose is to assist you in implementing positive solutions to problems you encounter.

We support you

Our experienced counsellor can assist you to:

  • View life experiences with a positive perspective
  • Cope with difficult life circumstances
  • Work on relationships with others
  • Discover ways to respond to life transitions
  • Increase enjoyment in life
  • Identify feelings in a safe place
  • Create positive family experiences


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“I feel very supported by Accept and they are very responsive to my needs. I wouldn’t know what I would do without my support Worker”.


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